Chipperfield’s Stockholm Nobel Centre Faces Harsh Opposition

View towards Nybrokajen. Image ©

Within days of David Chipperfield being appointed to design the Nobel Foundation’s new home in Stockholm, heritage protesters began to assemble a campaign to prevent the project from fruition.

Declaring they are “opposed to star-architects constructing their angular spectacles of glass and steel right in the middle of the protected historic environment, as monuments to themselves, at our expense and the city’s,” as stated in an online petition, the protesters are particularly upset that the project would require the demolition of multiple historic structures. Thousands have even joined a Facebook group to voice disapproval.

However, despite the backlash, the Nobel Foundation refuses to bow down and believes the protest will not succeed

More on the protest, and structures slated for demolition, after the break…

Vertiz 950 / HGR Arquitectos

© Diana Arnau

Architects: HGR Arquitectos
Location: Doctor José María Vertiz, City, Federal District,
Architect In Charge: Marcos Hagerman
Area: 3,426 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Diana Arnau

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Material Studies: When Architecture Meets Fashion

YouTube Preview Image

A few months ago, fourteen 5th-year architecture students at the University of Southern (USC) were given an unusual challenge: select two materials, and two only, to design and construct… a Mao jacket.

The results, exhibited at the university on March 7th, were fourteen fascinating experimentations with unusual materials – including everything from rubber erasers to acrylic paint to 5,500 metal Mao pins (shipped direct from China).

As Lee Olvera, the studio lead, told USC News, “It’s an exploration of program and function. In architecture, we’re called upon to design the skins of buildings all the time. This project infuses our intuitive skills of artistry and aesthetics with the rigor of analytical and performance-based material experimentation to create innovative working solutions.”

Check out more images from this unusual studio project, after the break.

Coleraine Duplex / NatureHumaine

© Adrien Williams

Architects: NatureHumaine
Location: Coleraine St, , QC H3K, Canada
Area: 3135.0 ft2
Year: 2013
Photographs: Adrien Williams

Bagnolet Town Hall / Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte

© Luc Boegly

Architects: Jean-Pierre Lott Architecte
Location: , France
Manager: Anne-Flore DEROBERT
Year: 2014
Photographs: Luc Boegly, Mairie de Bagnolet

Kettukallio / Playa Architects

© Tuomas Uusheimo

Architects: Playa Architects
Location: 52550 , Finland
Area: 122.0 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Tuomas Uusheimo

Guaiume House / 24.7 Arquitetura Design

© Pedro Kok

Architects: 24.7 Arquitetura Design
Location: – São Paulo, Brazil
Architects In Charge: Giuliano Pelaio, Gustavo Tenca, Inacio Cardona
Area: 305 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Pedro Kok

House_63 / Sonne Müller Arquiteto + Civitas

© Daniel Secches

Architects: Sonne Müller Arquiteto, Civitas
Location: São José dos Campos, São Paulo, Brasil
Area: 480 sqm
Project Year: 2014
Photographs: Daniel Secches

Veracruz Business Center / Materia Arquitectónica

© Alberto Mora

Architects: Materia Arquitectónica
Location: , Veracruz,
Project Architects: Gustavo Carmona, Lisa Beltrán
Project Area: 3,500 sqm
Project Year: 2013
Photographs: Alberto Mora

Pagliacci Pizza / Floisand Studio

Courtesy of Floisand Studio

Architects: Floisand Studio
Location: 4001 Stone Way North, Seattle, WA,
Area: 2,101 sqft
Year: 2013
Photographs: Courtesy of Floisand Studio

QKING / Modourbano Architettura

© Simone Bossi

Architects: Modourbano Architettura
Location: Via Giuseppe Tartini, , Italy
Year: 2014
Photographs: Simone Bossi

“Move to Care” Winners Envision Relocatable Healthcare Facilities for Southeast Asia

© MOVED2CARE – Professional Winning Entry

Responding to the demand for healthcare services in rural Southeast Asia, launched an international competition – Moved to Care – to envision flexible and relocatable healthcare facilities. Over 200 entrants participated; one professional winner, a multi-disciplinary team from the USA, and one student winner were honored. Check out their winning proposals, after the break…

The Pool Aoyama / Nobuo Araki

© Atsushi Fuseya

Architects: Nobuo Araki
Location: Tokyo, Japan
Architect In Charge: / The Archetype
Area: 161 sqm
Year: 2014
Photographs: Atsushi Fuseya, Kai Hiroyo

Courtesy of Michael Kimmelman's Twitter Feed (@kimmelman)
Courtesy of Michael Kimmelman's Twitter Feed (@kimmelman)

Are the Palisades Too Pure for LG’s Headquarters?

Responding to the bevy of critics slamming LG Electronics for building their new headquarters in the Palisades in New Jersey (half an hour north from NYC), Lee Rosenbaum, the Palisades-resident and architecture blogger known as CultureGrrl, maintains that “When it comes to preserving the ‘pristine Palisades,’ the boat has already sailed.” Since LG’s planned strip will be located on what is, according to Rosenbaum, already “a very commercial strip,” she suggests that “that the incensed defenders of the purportedly unspoiled beauty of the Palisades [...] haven’t actually set eyes on them.” Check out the images of her neighborhood as well as her very interesting Twitter tussles with The New York Times’ Michael KimmelmanVanity Fair’s Paul Goldbergerand New York Magazine’s Justin Davidson at her blog, and let us know what you think of the debate in the comments below. 

Pavillon D’acceuil De Flaine / R-Architecture

© Valentin Jeck

Architects: R-Architecture
Location: Flaine, 74300 Arâches-la-Frasse,
Area: 160.0 sqm
Year: 2013
Photographs: Valentin Jeck


ArchDaily has teamed up with Portugal’s Canal 180 to bring you their series I LIKE. Check out episode 7, I LIKE Green, which features Vallo Sadovsky‘s BA_LIK, Jacques Ferrier‘s Overfly in Choisy, LAVA‘s Green Void, AVA ArchitectsCentro Antas Educative Center and qui es IN, qui es OUT by Yes We Can Architects.

I LIKE is an original series on architecture and spatial intervention, developed in a collaboration between Canal 180 and LIKEarchitects atelier. Diogo Aguiar and Teresa Otto have created a chromatic experiment and spatial exercise—organized by color—that reveals some of the most amazing architectural interventions in the world.

Next week ArchDaily will premier the eighth installment of I LIKE. Stay tuned!

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Seven Architects Shortlisted for $100,000 Wheelwright Prize

Jose Ahedo, Blanca Pyrenees, Education Center (Els Hostalets de Tost, Spain, 2013). Image Courtesy of

Seven architects have been shortlisted from nearly 200 international applicants for Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s 2014 Wheelwright Prize. The $100,000 grant, which is awarded annually to a single architect to support travel-based architectural research, is “intended to spur innovative research during the early stage of an architect’s professional career” and “foster new forms of research informed by cross-cultural engagement.”

Ranging from a Barcelona-based architect whose research proposal focuses on animal farming systems to a Croatian architect who wants to re-imagine the “border-scape” in Mediterranean countries, you can review all seven finalists after the break…